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  • A Bird's-Eye View of Deer Habitat Quality. Quality Whitetails 18(2):16-20.   Download
  • All-you-can-eat-buffet for deer. National Wild Turkey Federation, Get In The Game Spring/Summer:14-17  
  • Improving deer forage: food plots versus managed understory. Timberlines (Spring):25-26.  
  • Intensive pine management - What does it mean from a deer's perspective? Southern Outdoors. Fall 2005. p. 4-5.  
  • Intensive pine management-wildlife habitat impacts. Quail Unlimited Publication. Fall 2005.  
  • Intensive pine plantation management - What does it mean from a deer's perspective? Meade-Westvaco Newsletter.  
  • Intensive pine plantation management-deer habitat or barren wasteland:? Wildlife Issues. Summer 2005.  
  • Intensively managed pine plantations: barren wastelands or potential deer habitat. Quality Whitetails 12(5):22-28.  
  • Quality vegetation management. Timberlines, Spring Issue:27-30.  
  • Quality vegetation management. Quality Whitetails 10(3):32-36.   Download
  • Soil region effects on white-tailed deer forage protein content. Southeastern Naturalist 7:595-606.   Download
  • Soils and forage quality as predictors of white-tailed deer Odocoileus virginianus morphometrics. Wildlife Biology 16:430-439.   Download
  • White-tailed deer forage production in managed and unmanaged pine stands and summer food plots in Mississippi. Wildlife Society Bulletin 32:739-745.  
  • White-tailed deer foraging habitat in intensively established loblolly pine plantations. Journal of Wildlife Management 73(4):488-496.   Download